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I spent the day being active, in possibly every incarnation of the word. The morning was dedicated to sparring a bit, and what a great way to wake up, it was! A couple of local guys came by the Laurel Gardens Coliseum for an exhibition bout, and we put in a good hour of movement and body work, but it’s abundantly clear to me that I must get back to running if I want to keep my liver in good condition. One of my neighbors that was walking up the courtyard path spied us embattled (the status quo in warmer weather) and remarked, “And this is how we know that summer’s arrived around this place!” We were just glad to be of assistance to him. Anyways, one of the guys was into jujitsu, and another was just getting into tae kwan do; it’s quite interesting to feel out opponents of differing styles. I always learn so much from everyone that I trade shots with, but I’m still convinced that pure pugilism is one of the most effective and direct martial arts in existence. The punches are harder and faster than most other forms, but of course we don’t kick!

Took my doumbek and new djembe to Golden Gate park (just like a hippie) and drummed with my pal Pablo for a few hours. It was naturally fun and enriching, and other than a mean sunburn and grass stains on my butt, I took away a great appreciation of combined drumming efforts and a few new techniques, to boot. I have so many artistic musician friends, and until last year, I survived on envy, never owning a hint of tonal inclination, other than my passion for music of all kinds. And though I refute any vote of serious proficiency, I can truly appreciate a musician’s craft so much more by simply having a connection with some kind of instrument. And I love playing.

Managed to make it by Amoeba Records on the way home to pick up John Mellencamp’s new blues cover album and Axiom of Choice’s newest effort. I heartily recommend the latter disc for an infusion of incredible near-eastern music replete with a touch of mystical darkness. After the disappointment of Natacha Atlas’ new Indi-pop bent, this is a welcome brooding, sparkling boon. Don’t know why I connect with Arabic/North African stuff so much; I love the mystery and romance of the culture, music, food, and history, and am thoroughly transported by the infusion of said systemic variables.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my strange infection of late. No matter how I try to elude it, I find myself unnaturally taken with owning every compact disc release from Death in June and Current 93 from the past twenty years. Why now, after the fact? I never appreciated them before, but now I’m totally caught up. And out of all the bands to focus on, these guys are the worst, due to the extremely high frequency of side projects, collaborations, and cross-pollenations involved with their releases. In addition to the aforementioned two, I just picked up a project called Scorpion Wind (Boyd Rice and Douglas Pearce) which is a very rare spoken word/dark folk effort that is utterly astounding. No link to this, though, and good luck in finding it. It’s eminently worth it. I was after one disc, and what I found is that each release on Nero or World Serpent leads me on a labyrinthine chase to supplicate my aural needs. Being a collector, of anything, truly sucks.

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  1. tallboi Says:
    June 16th, 2003 at 1:10 am

    good farkin' luck with the current 93 effort. funny you should mention it, i'm currently in a bidding war for Thunder Perfect Mind on ebay. Nurse with wound's single of the same name is also up for bid… must demonstrate restraint…
    and on a different note, i emailed the guys in in gowan ring about ordering the rest of their catalog and apparently they've got everything just waiting for the paypaling… mmmm… yummy

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