Onward! Napland is at Hand!

Had a vital and rousing dream the other night. I’ve never put tremendous stock in the importance of dreaming or the significance in the subject matter remembered betwixt somnolent slumbers. Some folks that I know keep an unwavering log of their REM experiences and swear by the symbolism found within as divination and a guide to living their lives. I don’t know if I can subscribe to that, but then again, I still believe in horror-scopes and the Easter Bunny.

Anyways, without too much detail, the dream revolved around a reconnection with someone very special to me, from a very long time ago. We chatted and enjoyed an evening doing things we used to do; when I woke up, I really felt that we had spent this time together, still mildly intoxicated from the entwining of spirits. It was almost…like a fix. I think it’s keen that the Dreaming can carry over to the Waking and affect emotions and memories across the border. Not a massive revelation by any means, but a new experience for me. I still feel like it happened. I wonder if they do, as well…

On a separate note, I had quite a pleasant afternoon in San Francisco with cygnoir yesterday. We get along incredibly well, and I only regret the fact that I have to interrupt this bond with her on account of my journey onward to Edinburgh. Of course, it’s only a mild pause, and some friends are surely forever. We tooled around the City and bought massive loaves of sensual-smelling tinctures and oils. Wandered the deserted Financial District on a Sunday evening, mused about the ghosts of memories and being staid during minor traumas; thankful for the strength of knowledge that thankfulness conjures–a glow of contentedness. And then we drank wine and shoveled rhubarb pie and went to go look at stinky animals at the Mammal Center. Kettle Corn is NOT a substitute for traditional popcorn, despite the enormous amounts of pseudo-sweetness they chemically attach to the sad, little golden nuggets peering up at us from the depths of the overpriced Medium container. But Johnny Depp actually made up for it that evening. Who would have thought? Arrgh, matey.

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