The End and the Beginning.

Ah, fresh starts and new beginnings…if only in my mind.

When you have a favorite pair of shoes that have slowly worn thin, flapping holes in the soles and rips on the tips, it’s very easy indeed to throw ‘em away and simply purchase a new pair. You don’t fret over it, or regret too much of it. Slap down a few bucks and there you are. Then your feet are fresh, your step is light – only to be bested by the feeling of newness and excitement that accompanies breaking them in and making them yours.

When your car gets dinged, keyed, or dented, it’s a little different. Can’t just toss it in the bin and get a new one…have to put some work into it to keep the thing pretty. Or you can just let it go. Just enjoy the flaws and the less-than-perfectness. It still gets you to where you’re going, alright. But you know it’s not spanking new anymore, and part of you, however small, feels that you would really like that sterling feeling of sublime joy that comes with having a pristine vehicle once again to tool around in. Wheels shiny and seats still stinking of new leather…the envy of dear friends and your own screaming ego. If it’s worth it, you’ll put the money into that car to keep it perfect. If you want that feeling of unparalleled optimism that new things can bring – leading to a certain overprotectiveness of your investment – you just might do it.

The new year is much the same. I’m quite overprotective of it, as well. So far, so good. Optimistic because the veneer is unblemished thusfar. I can throw the old year in the bin…its souls are worn and ready to give in to something more modern…and more relevant. The Old Bitch has treated me well; on a personal level, I love what 2003 has stood for, offered, and made possible. It’s been the best and greatest so far. But I’m ready for an update and a new model, and so far the fresh romance of 2004 has been wonderful. We might hop in the old car and go get some slick new shoes, or we might just sit around and she’ll let me craft my way through the next twelve months…and we can make history.

The years seduce like unavoidable matrimony, and they can sting just as bad at times. But there’s always the hope that you can take what you’ve learned to heart and skirt the mistakes while bolstering the things that create a stronger core of who you are and what you wish to be. This year is my New Bitch, and with any luck, we’ll make a beautiful couple.

2 Responses to “The End and the Beginning.”

  1. zoo_music_girl Says:
    January 4th, 2004 at 1:03 pm

    Nice to meet you when I was in Edinburgh, sorry Graham and I didn't make it round on Friday in the end, we caught a late afternoon showing of Return of the King and then flaked out.

  2. FunkyPlaid Says:
    January 4th, 2004 at 5:56 pm

    Well, hi there!
    Indeed, nice to meet you as well. No problem at all about missing the pub; the movie is FAR more exciting than a bunch of drunk blokes sitting around drooling.
    I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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