Building the Ark…Again.

It’s true what they say about the weather in this country: if you don’t like the climate outside then just wait a few minutes and take another look. Last week I *swear* that it was clear and sunny looking out the front window of the flat, and sprinkling out the back window. I suppose I live on the meteorological divide for the city of Edinburgh, or at least I did for that ten minutes. It no doubt changes every few blocks, or even at lesser intervals.

There are a lot of excellent things happening tonight, but it’s pissing down, I’m feeling a bit queasy inside, and there is an overabundance of work to get done, besides. As a result, I think I’ll be a good little bug and shoot sparks out of my keyboard from diligent typing with furious intention. Seminars, drinks with friends, and poetry readings? Nah. Why would anyone want to do something so damned cultured and social?

Screw it. Some air (and sleet) will be good for me, and I’ll get a chance to hear some more brilliance from these guys, albeit sans terrible Old Western accents tinged with brogue, thank the gods. That was last time.

In other news, I’ll be updating the radio station this weekend with a new playlist. Because of the positive responses thusfar, I’ve got two more shows planned, and I think I’m going to cycle three or four new playlists in at a rate of about once a week until I can afford to upgrade to a streaming account. What a wonderful idea this internet radio thing is! I’ve been hearing all sorts of great things on other peoples’ stations, and I thank those of you that have been supporting my own thusfar.

I urge you to bludgeon me with feedback. Anything you’ve heard that you love? Detest?

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