Wow. I’m pleased that there were so many good discourses regarding that last post. I really enjoy seeing how people work past tough and conflicting inner problems, and it certainly makes me feel less alienated in the bamboo POW cage that I often weave for myself, dangled precariously over that pit of seething crocodiles. You get the picture.

I just want to reiterate that I am fully aware of how many selfless, amazing, empathic, and loving people I have in my life. I would never squander that knowledge, or those fruits. I’ve always felt blessed in that department. That’s what drives me every day and makes my enjoyment of spending time with loved ones so overwhelmingly special.

I was just focused on the helplessness that I sometimes feel when I have to stay silent, or when I make myself…when in reality, a totally healthy–or imperious–person would stand up and say how they feel regardless of the backlash. In some situations I do that, but not nearly enough when it comes to emotional situations.

Thanks for helping me get a bead on the actual problem, and thanks for discussing your own issues with me so that we may be better able to figure each other out…just a little more than we were able to before.

3 Responses to “Kinship.”

  1. agntprovocateur Says:
    February 25th, 2004 at 12:57 am

    duh, i meant to email you about that. i'm in the middle of midterm hell, willl get to it at some point soon. bah, i suck.

  2. FunkyPlaid Says:
    February 25th, 2004 at 9:28 pm

    Don't worry about it, sweets. Take care of yourself, first.
    Isn't that what this whole thread was about, anyway?

  3. agntprovocateur Says:
    February 26th, 2004 at 1:59 pm

    quite true. :>

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