• The First Day of It

    With the passing of perhaps the most hectic week of my life-to-date comes a massive exhale of relief – the transition is complete. I am once again a citizen of the grandest of cities: Edinburgh, Athens of the North and many other fitting epithets – dozens, in fact – but this one is sufficient. With […]

  • Tuesday Night’s Plan

    The ‘Sted and I will be popping ’round the Brass Monkey tonight soon after 8pm. Would love to catch up with Edinburgh folk if you’ve got the time and would finally like to meet the cygnet. No commitment, but if you’re up for a drinkie, stick your head in – would be great to see […]

  • Around the Rosie.

    A good place for it, and a good answer. I am a lucky man.

  • And Off We Go Again.

    It’s somewhat embarrassing for me to somehow expect people to follow the things I write here when I’ve been such a miserable correspondent for the past half a year. The routines that we easily make – especially when liberally dosed with avoidance shame – only serve to cement the patterns silently affirmed by non-action. There’s […]