I would say that one of the most promising things in the world is a brand-new blank notebook or fresh journal. I have many of them – untouched – stacked beneath my desk, next to the bed, snugly tucked in a coat, peeking out of pocket and flap in my bags or satchels. I like them untouched because the possibilities are endless, and I keep so many on hand because one never knows when thoughts need to seep from heart or mind, down the length of the arm, and out the nib of a handsome writing instrument, leaves soon to be ripped from the binding to make way for many more jots to come. Marking things down with pen and paper is seemingly almost lost in this digital age, and the atavist in me has grown to love the luxury, style, and tactile treat of fine fountain pens on high-quality paper, whether for professional letter or for casual note.

This affliction is owed to my tasteful wife, who soothed my practicality enough to put my first fountain in my hand and show me how to write without drenching everything in indigo, black, and vermillion. For a Lefty, this is difficult, but I’ve grown more adept as my collection has grown larger. Now it is an obsession, and like others of its ilk, once you notice the detail in such things, you cannot ever unnotice it. Below is my collection.

As well as these for writing with, here are my favorite choices for things to write on:

Finally, some points of information and reference concerning pens and paper:

Current favorite inks:
Noodler’s Burma Road Brown, Diamine Blue-Black, Private Reserve Ebony Purple