• To Doing

    I’ve got many, many lists in my life. Not as many as my wife, but who does? I find that lists help me work in a very linear and productive manner, and we all know the best part is ticking them off once an action or a task is completed. Like many others, I have […]

  • That Time of Year

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I say it’s often additionally worth a couple of rivulets of drool. They also say that Starbuck’s is a sort of cult, and they’d be right again. I’ve spent most of my life not giving that mega-corporation my money – “friends don’t let friends drink […]

  • Forward Motion

    Dear Last Day of the Year: So much has happened between us and your many forebears that I barely have the words to express how overfull of emotion I am at the prospect of leaving. It’s been one wild ride, and I’ll never forget all the changes you and your ilk have brought to my […]

  • 365 Days

    Today is a good day, one year from the event of our wedding. As a very generous anniversary gift, even amidst all of her packing and moving and shuttling cats from here to there and then over to here, Cygnoir has seen to it that the cream of the wedding picture crop was finally added to […]

  • Almost Here/Almost There

    Somehow I’ve survived the past seven weeks without Cygnoir, which was not easy, let me tell you what. If it can be helped, I would wish that this be the longest stretch of time apart that we’ll ever see again. But as long as she gets on her plane and it actually lands, I’ll be […]

  • The First Day of It

    With the passing of perhaps the most hectic week of my life-to-date comes a massive exhale of relief – the transition is complete. I am once again a citizen of the grandest of cities: Edinburgh, Athens of the North and many other fitting epithets – dozens, in fact – but this one is sufficient. With […]

  • Holy Smoke

    I purchased a puzzle from the store last week, which is somewhat ridiculous on a couple of levels. The concept of buying product that I already own is rather odd, but it’s good for the government and it’s also good for us. But really, hoarding material goods at this point in my life, so very […]

  • Something Totally Different

    I think that I remember how this is done. One foot in front of the other, a little bit for you and a little bit for me. Words don’t come as freely as they once did, somehow decimated by the twits and friendfaces and the attention spans that go along with them. They modeled us […]

  • Can’t Stop Believin’

    I needed a day to process everything that happened this weekend. I’ve found it impossible to predict the increasing magnitude of beauty that these recent, rolling years have offered up, but I’m abundantly clear that it’s uniformly due to the most wonderful, generous, loving, and creative friends I could ever imagine. Your wishes, thoughts, gifts, […]

  • Stripmall Architecture @ Le Chateau – June 27th

    An Evening with Stripmall Architecture (formerly Halou) @ Le Chateau de Jambon Saturday, June 27th 2009 @ 8pm With two weeks to go before showtime and still some limited space left, we thought it fitting to openly post for any last calls interested in attending a wonderful night at Le Chateau. Though it had been […]

  • It’s Coming.

    This is what change feels like, and many of us, all throughout the world, are breathing a sigh of relief. A friend told me he felt like handcuffs were coming off for the first time in eight years. It’s the first time in my life that I have earnest hope for the future of our […]

  • Tuesday Night’s Plan

    The ‘Sted and I will be popping ’round the Brass Monkey tonight soon after 8pm. Would love to catch up with Edinburgh folk if you’ve got the time and would finally like to meet the cygnet. No commitment, but if you’re up for a drinkie, stick your head in – would be great to see […]

  • And Off We Go Again.

    It’s somewhat embarrassing for me to somehow expect people to follow the things I write here when I’ve been such a miserable correspondent for the past half a year. The routines that we easily make – especially when liberally dosed with avoidance shame – only serve to cement the patterns silently affirmed by non-action. There’s […]

  • Summer Show at Le Chateau!

    This is a brief but special invitation to join us for a night of music, warmth, and libation at our home in San Francisco. On a rapidly-approaching evening in late June, Le Chateau de Jambon will be graced with the very special presence of In Gowan Ring, excellent songsmiths and delightful performers surfacing on the […]

  • The Day Before May (Now Two Days Late)

    This year, another year, whistles past like comet and streamer and bottle rocket, explosive and entertaining, a spectacle to behold in the midst of the claw along to build a better day-to-day. This year is the 35th year, consummated locally and unabashedly to the gusts of wind blowing in from the Western ocean, picnicking on […]

  • Cuppa?

    Via dougygyro, for which I don’t think I can ever thank him enough.

  • Residence.

    Fresh off their tour with Bob Mould, Halou will be playing three local shows this month in residence at Café du Nord. I’ll be pinned behind the merchandise table, hawking fine musical product and must-have accessories. Pop by and say Hi! if you’re around and want to see an amazing show or three. First one’s […]

  • Penniless but Blissful and Literate.

    I’d been after a very elusive tome for the better part of a decade, a work that fits nicely within my collection of Jacobite scholarship and primary source material. Culloden Papers is the collected correspondence of Duncan George Forbes, Lord President of the Court of Session. The collation was published in 1815, but most of […]

  • Six Degrees of…

    I spent the day being active, in possibly every incarnation of the word. The morning was dedicated to sparring a bit, and what a great way to wake up, it was! A couple of local guys came by the Laurel Gardens Coliseum for an exhibition bout, and we put in a good hour of movement […]