• Saturday Fads

    Life as it is, encapsulated in a few short blurbs about what’s been doing. • I no longer have a normal workday, which is quite odd for a routine-based bull. I’ve been staying up very late and waking up very late, which will need to change before the end of the month or I won’t […]

  • To Doing

    I’ve got many, many lists in my life. Not as many as my wife, but who does? I find that lists help me work in a very linear and productive manner, and we all know the best part is ticking them off once an action or a task is completed. Like many others, I have […]

  • Hail, Hail, Kale

    Without a normalized schedule of daily operations, time goes by much faster than what is comfortable for me. It’s an ironic fact that one wishes not to go into work every day in order to make time for other things; the truth is that the world expands to fill the gap. It’s a busy but […]

  • Squeezed Out.

    Not to belabor the point to you fine, principled people. We all know it’s important to shop locally, to support the little guy. Regardless of the fact that big box stores have everything you need – and they have it cheap and easy; taking into consideration that online purchasing from Amazon, et al., is amazingly […]

  • The Many Lives I Have Been.

    I can’t let pass the few words I want to say about the death of Gary Gygax, an epic-level hero to so many of us. Like others, I didn’t realize how saddened I’d be by the event, a condition which I’ve heard repeated several times over the past two days. While of course we’re crushed […]

  • The Other Side

    So I spent the day in our SF store today, hanging out with the boys on Divisadero and raping the place for all their sundered goodies. Thanks to Eric for being so great and helpful in restocking us from their coffers of goodies. They do have a good vibe there, after all this time, and […]