• Little Rebellions – Never Going Back

    Treasury Board Papers, Account of State Prisoners at Marshalsea 12 July, 1746 John Read at Arne near Port Glasgow prayed to may never be sent again to France being forced into that Service to save himself from a Lingring death for want of victuals Private Man taken in the Soliel Privateer and Committed 25th Janry […]

  • Little Rebellions – Soothing the Savage

    Treasury Board Papers, Evidence Against Rebels in Newgate Prison Likely Spring/Summer 1746 He was with some Players at Manchester when the Rebells came there and he was sent to by some of the Princes (Privt?) Rebells & asked if the Company could play Gustavus Vasa and the Witness saying no & going away from ‘em […]

  • Little Rebellions – Gimme Shelter

    Captain James Campbell via General Humphrey Bland Sunday, 24th August 1746 As Sheilings are only Sheds made in the hills to Herds, for herding Cattle in the Summer time, and not habitable in the Winter; consequently they are of no Importance; therefor it is required they may be destroyed and thrown down by the owners, […]

  • Little Rebellions – Something Rotten?

    With a nod to my supervisor’s posts of last year’s interesting Documents of the Day (DotD) found along the way in archives and libraries, I’ve been tickled to do something similar in this forum, which has lain woefully underutilized since the commencement of my doctoral paper chase. The series had always been in the works to […]

  • Saturday Fads

    Life as it is, encapsulated in a few short blurbs about what’s been doing. • I no longer have a normal workday, which is quite odd for a routine-based bull. I’ve been staying up very late and waking up very late, which will need to change before the end of the month or I won’t […]

  • To Doing

    I’ve got many, many lists in my life. Not as many as my wife, but who does? I find that lists help me work in a very linear and productive manner, and we all know the best part is ticking them off once an action or a task is completed. Like many others, I have […]

  • Ancient Frustrations

    Today should have been a day about celebrating the rich history and progressive innovation of this amazing city. This weekend plays host to Doors Open Days in Edinburgh, which, as the title suggests, is an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to peer and peek within otherwise-off-limits venues and monuments throughout the area. We got […]

  • A Night to Remember

    These ides of April, this night of nights is infamous for many reasons, not the least of which is triggered, Pavlovian-like, for many of us by the fluttering loss of so many hard-earned dollars to a government that hardly proves its worth. It is not the only sense of loss in common memory on this day. […]

  • Hail, Hail, Kale

    Without a normalized schedule of daily operations, time goes by much faster than what is comfortable for me. It’s an ironic fact that one wishes not to go into work every day in order to make time for other things; the truth is that the world expands to fill the gap. It’s a busy but […]

  • Proposal

    Now that I’m accepted, matriculated, and transplanted, I’m comfortable with publicly posting the details of my doctoral project. Needless to say, this has been a long time in coming, and the initial response leading up to this proposal was met with much interest and enthusiasm from a variety of sources whom I greatly respect. I […]

  • Some They Drowned in the Sea

    For friends who have joined me before or who might be interested in this season’s subject matter, my yearly War College lecture at KublaCon is on deck once again and features a bit of a deviation from the normal betartaned finery. As per usual, we’ll have a nice meal and some drinks afterward in or […]

  • Another Round of Blather

    Beating the drum on the off-chance that you like this sort of thing; my yearly War College lecture at KublaCon is on deck once again and it’s worth a mention to chums that otherwise wouldn’t see it posted. As per usual, we’ll have a nice meal and some drinks afterward in the hotel, and, if […]

  • EUP Bares All.

    By accident or providence, I came across a little treat from EUP: FREE access to ALL journal content for 2 months! We are happy to announce that the content of all EUP journals will be free to all users throughout January and February 2009. 

Articles are available in PDF and PDF Plus format. PDF Plus […]

  • Back to the Lectern.

    While it’s ridiculous that I haven’t noted anything of value here in a long number of days, the reason becomes self-evident when I mention the event below, amongst other life-changing-for-the-better paradigm shifts. Please feel free to join me if you’ve got the inclination, as this has become a yearly thing where a lovely gaggle of […]

  • At It Again.

    Looks like ol’ Hugh Cheape is Mythbustin’ again, which is what we’ve come to know and love about him, among other things. One of the kinder, more helpful historians out there, always on the forefront of cultural sleuthing and diverse corpus-building. I think if I could choose one scholar’s portfolio to ingest that would represent […]

  • Penniless but Blissful and Literate.

    I’d been after a very elusive tome for the better part of a decade, a work that fits nicely within my collection of Jacobite scholarship and primary source material. Culloden Papers is the collected correspondence of Duncan George Forbes, Lord President of the Court of Session. The collation was published in 1815, but most of […]

  • The Other Side

    So I spent the day in our SF store today, hanging out with the boys on Divisadero and raping the place for all their sundered goodies. Thanks to Eric for being so great and helpful in restocking us from their coffers of goodies. They do have a good vibe there, after all this time, and […]

  • Inaugural Address…

    Well this is it, eh? What everyone’s been talking about. And all the kool kids are doing it. Glad I could join the club. And what better way to start than to ramble on about massive change and impending transformation? So I’m sitting here at midnight, at one end of the world–in California––and I’m preparing […]