• That Time of Year

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I say it’s often additionally worth a couple of rivulets of drool. They also say that Starbuck’s is a sort of cult, and they’d be right again. I’ve spent most of my life not giving that mega-corporation my money – “friends don’t let friends drink […]

  • Deeper in Debt

    Another year on and one more closer to about halfway through, if you live with that sort of temporal consciousness, which I do. I can’t really believe it. Just yesterday I was a dreamy-minded tot wandering the aisles of Toys R Us, trying to find that elusive Blue Snaggletooth Star Wars figure. My grandmother sure did […]

  • Hail, Hail, Kale

    Without a normalized schedule of daily operations, time goes by much faster than what is comfortable for me. It’s an ironic fact that one wishes not to go into work every day in order to make time for other things; the truth is that the world expands to fill the gap. It’s a busy but […]

  • 365 Days

    Today is a good day, one year from the event of our wedding. As a very generous anniversary gift, even amidst all of her packing and moving and shuttling cats from here to there and then over to here, Cygnoir has seen to it that the cream of the wedding picture crop was finally added to […]

  • Almost Here/Almost There

    Somehow I’ve survived the past seven weeks without Cygnoir, which was not easy, let me tell you what. If it can be helped, I would wish that this be the longest stretch of time apart that we’ll ever see again. But as long as she gets on her plane and it actually lands, I’ll be […]

  • Stripmall Architecture @ Le Chateau – June 27th

    An Evening with Stripmall Architecture (formerly Halou) @ Le Chateau de Jambon Saturday, June 27th 2009 @ 8pm With two weeks to go before showtime and still some limited space left, we thought it fitting to openly post for any last calls interested in attending a wonderful night at Le Chateau. Though it had been […]

  • It’s Coming.

    This is what change feels like, and many of us, all throughout the world, are breathing a sigh of relief. A friend told me he felt like handcuffs were coming off for the first time in eight years. It’s the first time in my life that I have earnest hope for the future of our […]

  • Summer Show at Le Chateau!

    This is a brief but special invitation to join us for a night of music, warmth, and libation at our home in San Francisco. On a rapidly-approaching evening in late June, Le Chateau de Jambon will be graced with the very special presence of In Gowan Ring, excellent songsmiths and delightful performers surfacing on the […]

  • The Day Before May (Now Two Days Late)

    This year, another year, whistles past like comet and streamer and bottle rocket, explosive and entertaining, a spectacle to behold in the midst of the claw along to build a better day-to-day. This year is the 35th year, consummated locally and unabashedly to the gusts of wind blowing in from the Western ocean, picnicking on […]

  • Lazy Day, Lazy Boy

    A pleasant day, with little to do. Rarely do I sit around playing computer games all day, but today was one of those times. Usually makes me feel kinda sick inside, sort of inhuman to be plugged in for so long, but this was Medal of Honor: Spearhead, after all, and it’s really amazing to […]

  • The Cat Shall Live!

    First time I’m uploading a picture…trying to make it work. So, with any luck, you shall bear witness to the most handsome feline in the universe: Vercingetorix! A face only a father could get head-butted at 4 in the morning by…